After travelling South America for 12 months I have started producing short films under Stop Scratching Productions. I hold a BA History degree, as well as a Pass B Celta Tefl qualification.

I am interested in creating documentary shorts and in filming interviews and performances with bands in the local area.

I looking to move forward within film and television production, broadening my skill set toward live broadcast.

I am currently involved in an on going project; A series of films looking at the different stances people take to create a difference to their political environment, both from within and outside of the system. I am also working on a promotional film for Radio Free Brighton, and a 3 minute short on the lives of Taxi Drivers.

Miss Frances Freeman


Phone: 07541 996782

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Marina Pepper, The politics of tea, and the Importance of Direct Action.

Direct action n. "The strategic use of immediately effective acts, such as strikes, demonstrations, or sabotage, to achieve a political or social end."

The strategic use of immediately effective acts, such as strikes, demonstrations, or sabotage, to achieve a political or social end."

This is the first in a 3 part series exploring the lives of 3 activists and the different methods they employ to fight their cause and create their mark upon society; with advice and inspiration for those wishing to become involved themselves.

We begin with Marina Pepper, well known in her community as a stringent environmental activist and campaigner. She often takes a direct role in groups such as Climate Camp, Climate Rush and most recently at Balcome Fracking.Born in 67, she has stood as a Liberal Democrat local politician, worked as a journalist, children’s book writer and was a former page3 model and actress.

This is a story on how she became involved in direct action, how she goes about it, and why she believes that it is important.

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Blood Moon

Pigs have always held a very superstitious place in Korean culture; they are strong symbols of wealth and good fortune. The Moon Jar is a classic Korean form that is typically a symbol of purity and serenity. Resembling a full moon and one of the most original Korean forms it is a reminder of the spiritual heritage the country holds. In 2011 Korean farmers were faced with an epidemic outbreak of foot and mouth disease within their pig livestock. The Korean government chose the cheap option of mass culling as opposed to vaccination of the livestock. Over 1.4 million pigs were buried alive in dug out pits lined with plastic sheets. The series of pots that are shown were made in response to these actions.

Glazes were made to resemble pork fat and blood whilst corks were made using pork bone and meat.

Blood Moon 1
Blood Moon 2
Blood Moon 3


The story of clay is a fluid one. Over the years it is weathered off rocks and then goes on to be painstakingly shaped, twisted and turned. But the final products are almost always static objects; prisoners on mantelpieces and at the back of cupboards. The two items I have produced endeavour to be true to the clay, freeing it from its shackles and allowing them to roam free once again. They no longer appear static objects but rather organisms that are making a slow migration around their environment.

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That Empty Feeling

In the late 1990’s a war erupted between Kosovo and Albania. During which a numerous amount of Albanian civilians were murdered and their organs were farmed and trafficked on the black market. It has taken another 14 years for the European Union to open an investigation into the accountability for these horrific actions. It is not the first time that the people of Albania have had to deal with organ thieves. Albanian folklore also tells of witches known as ‘Shtrigas’ that would sneak into homes at night and steal parts from sleeping children. The three totems are depictions of the heart the mind and the soul symbolising what makes us human.

Items made from assorted wood; approximately 6’ tall.

That Empty Feeling 1
That Empty Feeling 2
That Empty Feeling 3
That Empty Feeling 4
That Empty Feeling 5
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